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The Bandit horizontal grinders or wood recyclers are renowned for their superior particle size control. The perfect end product in one pass operation allows users to produce a diverse range of products such as feedstocks, mulch, landscape chips, compost base or animal bedding. A horizontal grinder or wood shredder provides more control in achieving small end product sizes than a tub grinder.
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CAPACITY: 356 mm
OPENING: 635 x 508 mm
TYPES: Towable
The most compact grinder in our range, this versatile grinder can process a range of tree waste, stumps, or logs. This beast has a large throat opening and comes with changeable screens for assistance in sizing material. A diesel option is available if preferred. This compact grinder is just as tough as its larger counterparts.
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CAPACITY: 457 mm
OPENING: 1321 x 457 mm
ENGINE POWER: 205 – 261 kW
TYPES: Towable | Track | Electric
This machine is suited to small site clearing operations or for the processing of trees, brush, pallets or leaves into various wood products. Fuel savings and significant energy reduction in stationary settings are achieved by this grinder. This horizontal grinder can even process wet leaves, landscape waste, housing demolition, railroad ties and telephone poles and heavy-walled plastic pipes.
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CAPACITY: 610 mm
OPENING: 1524 x 610 mm
ENGINE POWER: 328 – 597 kW
TYPES: Towable | Track | Electric
ABC’s flagship grinder. We perform our wood recycling and biomass services with a fleet of these powerful machines. This machine is known as a one-size-fits-all wood or waste recycling solution. This versatile machine is adjustable to your needs in order to meet your specifications. Solid, reliable and a hard worker, this beast produces products with minimum downtime and maximum rewards.
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CAPACITY: 889 mm
OPENING: 1524 x 889 mm
ENGINE POWER: 328 – 783 kW
TYPES: Towable | Track | Electric
A popular waste and wood reduction machine in the industry. Maximum production, fuel efficiency and durability make this beast a smart investment. Used by a diverse range of commercial industries, this horizontal grinder was built to perform and last. If you need to navigate tough terrain, this beast can be fitted with a Caterpillar steel track undercarriage that allows it to do so effortlessly.
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CAPACITY: 1 143 mm
OPENING: 1524 x 1143 mm
ENGINE POWER: 596 – 895 kW
TYPES: Towable | Track | Electric
This grinder is the premium grinder suited to heavy duty and large projects. It has a phenomenal 1143mm grinding capacity which can process massive piles of trees, construction waste, brush, telephone poles and much more quickly and easily. The downward turning mills allow it to work with gravity to process material smoother, quicker and more effectively. Suited to handle anything thrown at it in the commercial field, this machine will not let you down.

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    Are you in the market for a wood shredder? We have a horizontal grinder suited to your needs. The versatile Bandit range of grinders are designed to be versatile, tough on material and built to be the superior choice in their class. The ability to fine tune the end product to suit your specific needs is just another great advantage of choosing a Bandit horizontal grinder.
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    Manage your wood shredding and grinding needs adequately and effectively with a Bandit The Beast grinder. Get in touch with our expert team for pricing on these models or for services related to wood recycling or chipping. We are the trusted industry leaders in wood chipper machines and biomass in Africa.>
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