A chipper shredder for all applications

Chipper shredder use is designed to reduce bulk waste, ideal for the recycling, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. Applications are suited to the domestic and commercial sector. Match a shredding program to the slow speed shredder for the job. Large-scale operations are achieved through the use of a heavy-duty industrial chipper shredder.

Slow speed multipurpose shredding machines are designed to operate on the premise of high torque, durability, power, and maintenance friendly aspects. This enables these machines to tackle massive piles of waste to reduce the volume significantly. Whether you work in the recycling, waste management or biofuel industries, you will benefit from a trustworthy workhorse such as the Arjes range that ABC sell.

If you are looking for an ultimate shredding machine, we recommend 1 of the 2 shredders we stock: The Arjes Impaktor 250 EVO Universal Shredder or the Arjes VZ950 Titan Heavy-Duty Shredder.


The applications of universal shredders

As previously mentioned, the range of applications for universal shredders are widespread:

  • Green waste or plant material
  • Wood and wood waste products or materials
  • Plastic products or materials
  • Sewage or landfill waste
  • Metal products or materials
  • Ceramic products or materials
  • Appliances
  • Vehicle wrecks
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Rubble
  • Asphalt
  • Cement
  • Floor, wall, and roof tiles or products
  • Paper or paper products
  • Leather or leather products and material
  • Bricks
  • Ceramic or ceramic products
  • Mineral products
  • Stone or stone products and materials
  • Biomass for biofuel

The benefits of choosing ABC for your recycling needs

ABC prides itself on the companies we associate ourselves with. Whether you are looking for a Bandit Wood Chipper or an Arjes Universal Shredder, we can assist you with your needs. We only work with the best in the recycling and chipping industry which means you can trust us when it comes to value-added service with quality product offerings. We understand the needs of our clients, which is why we only rely on durable and powerful machinery to get the job done.

We are industry leaders and therefore, provide experienced advice coupled with reliable services and products which places us at the forefront of the sector on the continent. Our national and international footprint is a testament to the value and expertise we offer in the wood waste, recycling, and biomass industry. Our products and services have been trusted since 2004 and we are continually innovating, researching, and developing the industry which means you can be confident that when you deal with us, you deal with the most experienced team.

For the ultimate in products, services, and customer experience, look no further than the highly skilled and expert ABC team. Reach out to us for all your wood chipping, recycling, or biomass needs.