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Our range of PTO wood chipper models are powerful, effective, and more than capable of seeing to all your wood chipping needs. Tackle dense trunks, branches, and brush with a Bandit machine. If you are looking for superior efficiency, maximum productivity, and enhanced safety in a wood recycling machine, you can trust the Bandit range of chippers.

Tackle all your wood waste recycling or removal needs on-site with a trusted, robust, and world-class machine that can process your site clearing waste or unwanted trees. Suited to agricultural and commercial use, the Bandit range is ready to tackle whatever you throw at it.

Africa Biomass Company is the only authorised dealer to sell Bandit Wood Chipper Equipment in Africa

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Suited to small and medium duty trimming, this compact chipper is easy to tow and processes trees, off-cuts, and brush easily and efficiently. Simple controls and easy to manoeuvre.


Extremely efficient and productive, this PTO disc wood chipper crushes and compresses woody material fed into it.


Powerful yet compact this drum machine is suited to daily use to process large trunks and branches quickly and effortlessly. Reduce down time with his hard-working machine.


Wide throat opening and easy to tow, this machine easily pulls and crushes the wood material fed through its chipper blades and in-feed rollers. Effective and durable, this PTO wood chipper outperforms the competition in its class. This machine is mounted on a SABS-approved roadworthy trailer.

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Standard features in all models

  • Last chance cables
  • Operator safety control bar
  • Wood pusher paddle
  • Chipper hood with lock
  • SABS approved trailer on most models

The Bandit units are imported to South Africa post manufacturing by Bandit Industries Inc. All the power take-off models are designed by Bandit to be compact yet powerful with easy and intuitive controls. Built to minimise downtime and increase productivity while being sensitive to the conditions and environments they operate in, you cannot go wrong with a Bandit wood chipper! This is why we believe in the product and are proud authorised dealers.