BANDIT MODEL 3100 Stump Grinder

The Bandit Model 3100 is a high-production, cost-effective stump grinder ideally suited for municipalities, fleet use, and for operations grinding big stumps.

It’s the largest towable stump grinder offered by Bandit, and with up to 123kW (165hp) it’s the most powerful towable stump grinder on the market.

With a large 787.4 mm diameter belt-driven cutter wheel, strong hydraulic systems and a large frame, there simply isn’t a more productive, more reliable towable stump grinder available.

Maximum productivity, minimal downtime
  • High-power petrol or diesel engine options
  • 787.4 mm Diameter revolution cutter wheel
  • Low-maintenance design with easy-to-access components
  • Belt maintenance made easier with Bandit’s special belt setup
Big grinding dimensions for big stumps

The Model 3100 has a wide 2m side-to-side cutter wheel swing to easily handle large stumps. It can grind to a depth of 685.8mm and reach stumps 787.4mm high.

Combined with a 1.524m telescoping tongue, the Model 3100 often needs to repositioning once it is staged at a stump. This contributes to the Model 3100’s impressive grinding speed – even the largest stumps are usually processed in a matter of minutes.

More power than any other towable stump grinder

Choose between a 91kW Tier 4 diesel engine, or a class-leading 123kW 5.7-litre petrol V8 engine.

Built by General Motors, the industrial-use V8 produces 477.25 nM of torque to easily muscle through the toughest stumps. These engines turn a 787.4mm diameter Revolution cutter wheel, delivering aggressive grinding power with the best chip containment of any grinding wheel. A Bandit cutter wheel with Greenteeth® is also available.

Colours and options to match your fleet

The Model 3100 is available with a variety of options to suit specific needs. Wireless radio remote control gives operators the freedom to grind stumps f rom any nearby location.

Tool boxes, hitch designs and chip guards are available, as are a range of custom color options.

Bandit will build your stump grinder to fit your job, and to match the rest of your fleet.


    If you have not tested a BANDIT, you have not made an informed decision.


    Diameter 787.40 mm
    Engagement Hydrostatic
    Cutter Swing 2 032 mm
    Cutter Depth 685.80 mm
    Cutter Height 787.40 mm
    Engine General Motors
    Power 91 – 123 kW / 122 – 165 hp
    Fuel Capacity 96.53 litres
    Hydraulic Capacity 102.21 litres
    Length 4.29 m
    Width 2.03 m
    Height 2.16 m
    Weight 2.48 t

    Greenteeth® cutter wheel available

    Various colors to match your fleet

    Tool boxes

    Chip guards



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