BANDIT MODEL 2890SP Stump Grinder

The Model 2890 is a powerful, self-propelled, hydrostatic direct-drive stump grinder that can take on the biggest jobs with the versatility to manoeuvre in tight areas. It rides on rubber tires powered by both a low- and high-range hydraulic drive undercarriage with variable speed.

At the job site, the Model 2890 delivers an immense 190.50 cm straight line from arc to cover a broad area of the ground surface.

In combination with a cutting height of 80 cm and a cutting depth of 61 cm, the volume of material that can be processed by the 2890 from a single position is amazing.

A GM 123 kW petrol engine is available, making this unit very productive on large diameter stumps for residential work or lot clearing.

Manoeuvrable and Powerful
  • Low-maintenance hydrostatic drive
  • 4WD Standard, wireless remote control and grading blade optional
Beltless hydrostatic drive

With no drive belts, sheaves, bearings or clutches to worry about, engaging the cutter wheel is literally as simple as activating a toggle switch.

Easy-to-use machine-mounted controls are intuitive and positioned to provide good visibility while grinding, allowing the operator to take full advantage of the 2890’s capabilities.

This reliable system delivers power directly to the cutter wheel with virtually no parasitic power loss.

High power with low maintenance

Bandit’s hydrostatic direct-drive stump grinder deliver all the stump grinding power demanded by professionals, without all the maintenance normally associated with stump grinders. It’s not uncommon for companies to see maintenance costs drop by as much as 30% compared to traditional stump grinders.

Dominating performance

The Model 2890 features a massive 190.50 cm straight line from arc for grinding, while also grinding to a depth of 61 cm. Equipped with the Bandit Revolution wheel as standard equipment, you’ll spend less time repositioning and changing teeth and more time grinding.


    If you have not tested a BANDIT, you have not made an informed decision.


    Diameter 62.23 cm
    Engagement Hydrostatic
    Cutter Swing 190.50 cm
    Cutter Depth 60.96 cm
    Cutter Height 80.01 cm
    Engine GM
    Power 123 kW / 165 HP
    Fuel Capacity 64.35 litres
    Hydraulic Capacity 111.67 litres
    Length 4.11 m
    Width 0. 89 m
    Height 1.87 m
    Weight 2.37 t
    Self propelled, 4WD with removable dual wheels


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