Get your old orchard or vineyard ready for new plantations

Site or land clearing explained

During the process of land or site clearing and preparation, Africa Biomass Company removes any trees, bush, shrubs, and rocks from a certain area. Afterwards an owner can plant new orchards or vineyards or construct a building.

This is the first process in expanding or planting new orchards or vineyards or before construction can begin. In some cases, site clearing is also necessary to clear an area from invasive alien trees and vegetation as part of government legislation to remove these unwanted trees and/or bushes.

This ensures that water is put back into the current river system and allows for natural fauna and flora to flourish.

Site Clearing Process

Each farm or site is unique and the process to clear each site is also handled uniquely. The process for land clearing can be divided into 3 different operations:

Windbreaks and alien trees
Africa Biomass Company makes use of tree cutters or tree shears and saw-teams to cut down windbreaks and alien trees. These stumps are then placed onto piles and fed by a logger into a Bandit horizontal grinder and recycled into usable mulch, which can either be sold as biomass or used as ground cover in new and established orchards and vineyards.

Orchard & smaller site clearing
An excavator is used to remove old and unwanted orchards from root to top. These trees are then piled by loggers and recycled into usable mulch to be used as ground cover in new or established orchards and/or vineyards.

De-bushing & larger site clearing
ABC makes use of bulldozers and a bush-rake to remove unwanted bush and trees. This unwanted woody biomass is then fed into a horizontal grinder and recycled into usable wood chips or mulch, which can be sold as biomass or ground cover.

This process is mostly used in the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga areas where de-bushing is quite a common practice to expand or create new plantations.