Quality whole tree chippers

For superior and robust whole tree chippers, reach out to ABC. We are authorised dealers for Bandit Industries Inc. meaning we stock the most productive and cost-effective whole tree chippers in Africa. Process logs, trees, and other round wood efficiently and quickly. High volume wood chips are produced with the Bandit range which can then be used for various applications. Process thick trees effortlessly.

whole tree chippers

The Bandit Model Range


The most compact model in the range, which is suited to logging operations, site clearing, saw mills and tree services. This high-performance machine is popular in the industry as it delivers on high-capacity and all-terrain needs.


A compact drum-style chipper that delivers. This machine handles large limps and trees easily without compromising on power or production. Built to chip all-day, every day with little downtime. Built to order with features that are both practical and versatile.


Size, performance, capability, and price makes this machine a firm favourite in the industry. A large throat opening handles large brushy material easily with powerful pulling and crushing power, this machine is a leader in its class. Uptime is maximised as this series is built to withstand daily chipping operations.


Easily handle large intact trees, tops, and logging slash with the most revered Bandit chipper – the 2590 Model. Produce 1 ton of wood chips effortlessly in a minute due to the powerful engine and feed system. Built to order with multiple options available to produce a specific machine for your unique needs.


The largest disc-style model, the 2400XP handles large whole trees easily. Superb chip production and quality means this machine can produce chips suitable for biomass boilers or particle board production. Innovative disc-chipper technology and superior throwing power is part of this popular machine’s drawcards.


The five-wheel feed system on this machine takes it to the next level. Powerful and superior in its class thanks to the unique Bandit slide box feed system, pull in, crush and compress trees and forked branches effortlessly. The clean feed system increases wood chip yield by approximately 5% as the chips do not touch the ground. Built to order with various options to suit your specific needs.


A machine well suited to all agricultural and construction activities, produce a superior uniform wood chip that is easy to sell. Commercial chipping needs are met easily with this powerful and efficient machine.


Superior in its class this most productive chipper on the market processes even the largest of logs and whole trees quickly. Fuel and operating costs are not a concern due to this machine’s ability to load trailers in minutes with quality wood chips. Choose which options and features are suited to your needs as the 3590XL is built to order. Durable, reliable, and efficient, you cannot go wrong with a Bandit model.

Our team is ready to discuss your wood chipper and related service needs. Call or email us to make contact. We look forward to helping you find the perfect Bandit machine.