Africa Biomass Company Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

Africa Biomass Company provides industry-first wood chipping services for the agricultural sector.

Our fleet of ±10 Bandit The Beast® horizontal grinders, area managers and well-trained operators allow us to recycle unwanted orchards and vineyards into a usable wood chip mulch.

This wood chip mulch is then used as a cover in new and/or established vineyards and/or orchards.View Services

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Bandit Wood Chipper Sales

Africa Biomass Company has been appointed as the sole authorised dealer for Bandit Industries Inc. in Africa.

This brings the well-known and one of the best wood chipper brands to the African continent.

ABC offers a variety of wood chipper equipment such as petrol/diesel engine powered hand-fed wood chippers, PTO hand-fed wood chippers, whole tree chippers, stump grinders and horizontal grinders.

Bandit has proven itself over and over again to be perfect for the harsh African environment as our own company uses only Bandit equipment.

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Africa Biomass Company is the only authorised dealer to sell Bandit Wood Chipper Equipment in Africa
Africa Biomass Company is the biggest biomass producer in Africa

Most experienced Biomass Producer in Africa

Africa Biomass Company uses Bandit The Beast® horizontal grinders to remove unwanted alien invasive trees from riparian zones.

This unwanted biomass, which can be used in boilers for heat generation or used in biomass power plants to generate electricity, is a perfect cheaper and greener alternative to coal.

ABC is the leader in biomass production in Africa and for the past few years has assisted local and international clients in various industries to use biomass as an alternative source of energy.

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