ABC's R&D and Training Department - Inspiring Innovation

ABC's R&D and Training Department - Inspiring Innovation

Africa Biomass Company is a foremost provider of innovative solutions in the biomass industry. With an emphasis on quality and consumer satisfaction, two critical divisions within the company are the Research & Design Department and the Training Department

In this blog, we will be exploring both departments in greater detail, underlining their respective areas of expertise and impact on the biomass industry. From state-of-the-art research and design to extensive training programs that supply jobs, Africa Biomass Company is committed to driving innovation and helping customers succeed in their careers. 

Research & Development Department 

The Africa Biomass Company's Research & Development Department is a hub of innovation where skilful engineers and drafters come together to develop and push new ideas. This department plays an essential role in ensuring that the company's products and services are not only of high quality but also cost-effective for customers. 

The R&D team focuses on the entire product design procedure, from concept design to bringing the creation to life. They use cutting-edge tools and methods, such as finite element analyses (FEA), to execute strength analysis and construct a bill of materials (BOMs) and intricate drawings. 

The division is prepared with the latest software and technology, including Solidworks, to design various mechanical systems, including sheet metal work, mechanical design, hydraulic design, and electrical system design. In addition, they specialize in in-house design for the biomass industry, allowing them to customize solutions to meet the distinct needs of their clients. 

Africa Biomass Company's Research & Development Department is dedicated to pushing innovation in the biomass industry and delivering top-quality products and services to customers. 

SETA-Certified Operator Training 

As a premier provider of extensive wood chipper training for private and commercial sector operators, Africa Biomass Company is the only SETA-registered and fully authorized company in this field. They offer training that qualifies operators to operate any wood-chipping machinery with confidence. 

The company delivers training at their offices in Worcester, Western Cape, or on-site at the client's premises, delivering flexibility to meet the distinct needs of each operator.

The training program covers an expansive range of modules, including basic safety practices, understanding of mechanical timber handling equipment, operation of wood chippers, upkeep of chipper knives and anvils, and more. In addition, trainees will learn how to comply with good housekeeping practices, remove and transport timber operating a tractor and trailer, load and stack timber using a loader, and manage a range of machines, including 3-wheeled loaders, self-propelled knuckle boom loaders, and vehicle-mounted knuckle boom loaders. 

In conclusion, Africa Biomass Company's training department provides a complete program for beginner operators looking to confidently gain the skills and knowledge necessary to operate wood-chipping equipment. Whether at their training facility or on- site at a client's premises, their focus is on providing the best training experience to help operators thrive in their careers.