Commercial Tree Chippers: Benefits And Buying Guide

Commercial Tree Chippers: Benefits And Buying Guide

If you are the owner of large tracts of land or if you are in the land clearing business and wood cleaning activities, you will certainly find a liking in commercial tree chippers.

These businesses and individuals need the right machinery to help clean their lands and also perhaps help to engage in serious and meaningful wood clearing. Therefore, there is a big demand for commercial wood chippers and other related equipment.

In this article we will have a closer look at the advantages of commercial wood chippers and how it could help in keeping vast tracts of land clean and green apart from helping in shredding the wood pieces wherever required.

There are so many options available that it becomes quite difficult to choose the right wood chipper. It calls for having some decent information and knowledge.

Lets get into the various advantages and benefits of the right commercial whole tree chippers.

What Are The Advantages And Where Are They Used

You will be able to do a thorough job of cleaning and pruning the green areas of your farm and these machines are certainly a must for those who are into wood cutting and cleaning activities, such as municipalities and various other public service providers.

They come in different sizes and shapes and therefore you can use them almost anywhere. In fact, most sugarcane factories have no other option but to use this equipment to break up fully grown sugar cane plantations and make the land ready for the next harvest.

Many wood recycling companies, such as Africa Biomass Company, uses this type of equipment to effectively and efficiently clear large sections of land.

You Must Make The Right Choice Of Commercial Tree Chipper

With so many options being available, it can be quite difficult to choose the right commercial tree chipper for your specific needs.

This is where Africa Biomass Company sets the bar and is in the forefront of commercial tree chipper sales in Southern Africa.

As a dealer for Bandit Industries, Africa Biomass Company will take your unique needs into consideration and recommend the perfect size commercial wood chipper for your business. ABCs focus lies on the client and his/her needs.

This will help you to focus on what you need instead of perhaps beating around the bush.

Different Types Of Commercial Tree Chippers

There are various of commercial tree chippers available. This leads to a complex situation to choose the perfect tripper for the right commercial purposes.

For example, though there are hand-fed chippers the same may not be suitable for heavy-duty chipping and shredding of wood.

Therefore, you will have to choose high capacity and heavy-duty commercial whole tree chippers.

Let us look at the various types of heavy duty mechanical tree chippers that you could come across.

Electric Stationary Wood Chippers

Electric-powered wood chippers is a common alternative in the commercial industry. They come in the form of a stationary wood chipper.

Due to their large size, these wood chippers is ideal for large factories and other commercial establishments that needs to chip and shred bigger trees and branches.

Diesel & Petrol-powered Chippers And Shredders

Diesel & petrol-powered wood chippers are powerful giants and due to their mobility you can move them wherever you need the chipper. They are not only larger but also powerful when compared to electric chippers and shredders.

Diesel & petrol wood chippers are useful for cutting and shredding branches and trees with a larger diameter.

With the heavy-powered chippers, you have quite a few models to choose from.

You could also go in for simple chippers without shredding capacity. Alternately you also could choose the ones having both chipping and shredding capacity.

They have the capacity to chip and shred branches anywhere from 3 cm in diameter to 18 cm in diameter.

Diesel & petrol-powered wood chippers are suitable for heavy duty jobs. As stated before, due to their mobility these types of wood chippers are ideal for factories, farms and municipal job sites.

Power Take Off (PTO) Chippers

PTO wood chippers are basically suited for professional applications and farms.

A tractor’s PTO shaft powers these types of wood chippers. These PTO wood chippers are capable to handle branches with a diameter of 20 cm. This is why these type of chippers are suitable for heavy-duty needs.

The auto-feed system that comes with PTO chippers drags debris into the hopper and finally through the drums to produce wood chips or mulch. However, these PTO chippers will not work unless you have a tractor of your own.


Since there are many options of commercial tree chippers available, the onus lies on you to spend some time gathering the right information and then going in for the best option suited for your specific needs.

You also could look into the possibility of hiring these machines should you find buying them too expensive and unaffordable.