The Bandit Story – A Look Back on History of Bandit Chippers

The Bandit Story – A Look Back on History of Bandit Chippers

Decisions, when they need making, are often tricky and have far-reaching consequences.

The slightest of decisions have the least worries attached, while more significant decisions, like business ones, for example, can be the difference between making it and breaking it.

Smaller decisions, like which flowers your wife will appreciate more (some will disagree with me on whether this is a small decision) or larger ones, like which equipment will give you more bang for your buck to achieve your business goals.

Advice can be a handy thing indeed, but first, let us explore what we know.

The history behind Bandit wood chippers

In 1983, Mike Morey Sr. left his position with a company of his then employ to achieve what he believed he could do.

Mike left because he felt he could do better. When he approached his seniors in this unnamed company, his ideas were shot down without thought or empathy.

This oversight on the unnamed company’s behalf has cost them dearly indeed.

Staying strong and holding firm, Mike started up a small company called Foremost Fabrications, with the help of his wife, children and co-founder Dianne.

His strength and tenacity, and a solid belief in what a good product should be spurring him on, he set out to achieve his dreams.

After procuring a small repair shop in a field in Michigan, near Mt. Pleasant and hiring six employees, Mike quickly set about building the very same designs the unnamed company had rejected. Foremost Fabrications produced the very first, of what is today known as, the Brush Bandit® chipper, the Model 100.

Improving vastly on his previous ideas and designing the now world-famous Slide Box Feed System, Mike focused on promoting his newest designs. Foremost Fabrications, well, took off.

The chippers shipping to their new owners were the very first gasp of what is now a worldwide industry, and their name has not stopped expanding ever since.

Foremost Fabrications quickly rose as Mike and his team dedicated themselves to complete honesty, transparency and business integrity.

In 1987 Jerry Morey and Dennis Tracy left the very same unnamed company Mike had and joined Mike as co-owners.

They brought their significant experience in marketing and sales to the field. The change in ownership led to officially changing the company name from Foremost Fabrications to Bandit® Industries.

Expanding their work area exponentially every few years, Bandit Industries increased their manufacturing capability by a staggering amount.

Their original workshop grew massively, and there seemed to be no end to the orders streaming in. Production lines quite screamed at the speed at which they moved.

Staying true to their pledge to assist their customers quickly and professionally, the Bandit dealership network expanded to over 200 locations around the globe, including South Africa.

Nowadays, over 400 employees are involved continuously in the design, assembly, painting, electrical servicing, marketing and shipping of the popular business that is Bandit® Industries.

Construction and assembly of machinery take place at the Bandit® Industries HQ in Mid-Michigan, USA.

This very personal approach to their products is what ensures the quality of Bandit products has not decreased in decades.

The construction and design are what ensures the ease of heart of every customer who puts their trust and hard-earned cash in any Bandit wood chipper.

Their reputation for longevity and reliability, as well as their unmatched resale value over the course of many years, has left Bandit® Industries as the undisputed leader in the field.

Keeping well abreast of their strongest rivals, Bandit® Industries holds their reputation high, which is difficult with a business so vastly spread.

While their reputation might often precede them, their incredible attentiveness to the needs of every individual customer or company that approaches them is both humbling in their small origins and rise.

It is due to their tenacity and strength of spirit, and daunting in the incredible task of keeping the top rank globally.

Enters Africa Biomass Company (ABC)

Africa Biomass Company started as a small high-risk tree-felling company.

Soon after the owner, Willem van der Merwe found that getting rid of waste material was a challenge.

Believing and dedicated to the same principles to that of Bandit, Willem bought his very first Bandit wood chipper.

The performance and ease of use of his first Bandit wood chipper, and his company now growing by providing a brand new niche to existing and new clients led to an increase in his Bandit fleet.

Because of the power, the quality and the reliability of Bandit wood chippers that Africa Biomass Company has experienced with Bandit wood chippers that have led the company to become the ONLY authorised dealer in Southern Africa to sell, service and promote Bandit equipment.

Even today, Bandit wood chippers are at the helm of what is Africa Biomass Company.

If you want to get your hands on a Beast wood recycler, hand-fed wood chippers, stump grinder or whole tree chipper, contact Africa Biomass company today at 023 342 1212.