The Importance of Wood Chips and Biofuel

The Importance of Wood Chips and Biofuel

Worldwide, biofuel is currently a hot topic, because it could possibly replace fossil fuels in future. Considering the rate at which we are consuming it, we will run out of fossil fuels at some point.

A good example of biofuel is the wood chips that result from deforestation. These chips can be utilised in a myriad of ways, including recycling, but the production of biofuel is one of the most popular and comprehensive.

The suitability of wood chips for use as biofuel is really amazing. By doing so, we are able to ensure that the waste product of one venture is useful in another. As a result, a whole new industry has come into existence.

In the process, we are doing something positive with timber waste. Whether or not biofuel is going to replace fossil fuel in future, it is imperative that we invest in it to ensure that wood chips and other materials that can generate biofuel do not go to waste.

Wood chips can replace coal

Wood chips are a wonderful product as a substitute for coal. An abundant supply of wood chips translates to less fossil fuel being used. Wood chips are the perfect fuel for generating heat through combustion.


It is possible to generate electricity by using wood chips. As you know, we are able to generate electricity by producing steam. Therefore wood chips are an amazing product to boil water, thus again replacing coal.

Manufacturing charcoal from wood chips is really a simple process. Charcoal use includes electricity generation, water purification, cooking food, to name just a few.

Wood chips in agriculture

In agriculture, wood chips make a wonderful additive to fertiliser. This results in improved crop production and also ties in neatly where deforestation is used for agricultural purposes.

Uses of wood chips are excellent for livestock bedding and poultry sheds already make use of wood chips.


Although there are many uses for wood chips, including recycling, biofuel remains the most popular one. This is not only beneficial to the green initiative but also helps negate the negative effects of deforestation. This is vitally important to everyone in the industry.

Companies that specialise in deforestation must commit themselves to be as ‘green’ as possible. Otherwise, it could result in too much deforestation. This would obviously have an overall negative impact on both humans and the natural habitat of wildlife.

To summarise, biofuel is a vital aspect of deforestation. Should you ever plan to make use of deforestation services, be sure that you have a plan for wood chips.