Wood Grinder: Why do you need to rent one?

Wood Grinder: Why do you need to rent one?

The usage of a wood grinder has grown exponentially ever since its first use. Invented by Peter Jensen from Maasbüll, Germany, in 1884, the “Marke Angeln” wood grinders was the first of its kind and very quickly became a core feature of wood-working shops and land-clearing businesses everywhere.

No longer a machine used by carpenters exclusively, nowadays specialists in tree clearing & contractors use towable, brush chippers rented from companies which specialise in tree wood grinders. Wood grinders are rented to clear and reduce fallen trees, branches, leaves, shrubs and other vegetation.

A wood grinder uses blades or cutting disks to cut up or grind material placed inside of its hopper into smaller chunks or chips before discharging it from its discharge chute.

Wood and tree grinders are typically made of a hopper with a collar for safety, the chipper mechanism – whether it be string lines, blades, gears or cutting disks – and an optional collection bin.

Tree limbs or logs are placed into the hopper (with the collar partially protecting human body parts from the chipping blades). With the mechanism starting up waste wood is fed into the chipping mechanism through physical manipulation, a feeder belt or gravity-fed. The ground and chopped chips then exit through a chute. With proper equipment it can be directed into a truck-mounted container or right back onto the ground. Typically chips are 3 cm to 6 cm in size.

Why rent a wood grinder?

Maybe you’ll be asking yourself… But why have one? Why rent one? Why not just burn the wood and save the expense?

Firstly, burning the wood is environmentally harsh. You are causing damage to a natural ecosystem.

Good for the environment

When burning the wood, you are removing variables and necessary nutrients from the environment and weakening the soil and the critters in it. These critters typically are small and defenceless and do farmers a massive favour by breaking down rotting wood and organic matter into a usable compost for plants to grow off of.

Secondly, burning the wood is environmentally unsafe. Burning any large quantities of wood at a time will result in a fire hazard. The incredible amount of heat produced in a carbon fire can cause small burning twigs and leaves to be blown away from the main fire and can land in a dry field nearby, causing a large fire which can destroy your entire farm and the environment around it.

Thirdly, burning the wood denies the soil from receiving back the nutrients that it put into growing the plant matter in the first place. Allowing the ground to receive back the plant matter it grew will increase fertility vastly and will increase the yield and health of your crop. It also helps to combat any possible soil infections or diseases that it may acquire, as its resistance to said diseases.

Relatively inexpensive

Now, renting a wood chipper is relatively inexpensive. Reducing trees, branches and related debris into a more compact load can reduce the amount of trips to the landfill, which means you spend less money on transportation and labour. You can also save money by using or selling the mulch and chips you produce for landscaping projects or reinvest it into your own soil to improve soil fertility and crop yields.

    Where to rent wood grinders?

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