Cabezal MF3 T1800 Forestry Mulcher

Cabezal MF3 T1800 Forestry Mulcher

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The mulcher Cabezal MF-3 is a standard flow mulching attachment suitable for compact track loaders weighing between 3 and 7 tons.

This mulcher is suitable for maintaining greenspaces, forest maintenance, industrial gardening, and bushes up to 10 cm for a rotor with swinging hammers, up to 35 cm in diameter with a rotor with fixed tooth carbide.





  • Non-wear steel-plate chassis, thickness 8 mm.
  • Rotor POLSER + of Ø 400 mm.
  • Mulcher for head compact track loader having a weight between 3 and 7 t.
  • 3 XPC side belt transmission.
  • Double safety chains.
  • Bearings of the rotor of high rotation speed.
  • Hydraulic engine with pistons.
  • Front skid shoes.
  • Swinging small forged forestry hammers 360° or fixed tooth with tip in tungsten.
  • Compact drive cover.
  • Valve of recirculation incorporated into the motor.
  • Hydraulic opening rear door.
  • Model built under EC Normative