Cost-effective sustainable heating through biomass

Cost-effective sustainable heating through biomass

Process heat is a core aspect of many industries and one that contributes substantially to bottom-line costs. Whilst cost-effectiveness and security of energy supply have always been important factors when choosing a fuel source, regulatory reform and changing public sentiment are forcing industries to consider sustainability as well.

Biomass in the form of wood chips, is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel, that is well-suited to process heat applications. Successful implementation of a biomass heating solution requires two elements, namely, a reliable supply of fuel specification wood chips, and combustion technology capable of efficiently converting wood chips to process heat.

Africa Biomass Company (ABC), the largest privately-owned biomass harvesting company on the continent, is in a unique position to offer its clients long-term fuel supply contracts for complete peace of mind.

ABC has sustainable biomass resources across South Africa and can match these resources with nearby clients. Depending on location and order quantities, the cost per unit of energy from wood chips is lower than coal, paraffin, diesel, LPG, and electricity – and will remain so for the conceivable future.

For new-build projects, biomass should therefore be the preferred choice of fuel to future proof your business. For retrofit projects, the fuel savings is more than enough to facilitate short capital repayment on the required combustion technology changes.